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Fare, Tickets & Cards for Dubai Metro

Type of ticket/travel distance Nol card All zones < 3km 1 zone 2 zones 3 zones 4 zones 5 zones Standard adult ticket price Red 2.00 2.50 4.50 6.50 6.50 6.50 Pre-paid standard adult fare Silver 1.80 2.30 4.10 5.80 5.80 5.80 Students (registered with Blue Nol card) Blue 0.90 …

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Introduction of Dubai Metro

The Dubai Metro is one of the few driverless passenger trains in the world and was completed over the period of about 4 years after the plan to improve public transport in Dubai. The road networks were getting clogged up and something needed to be done and the Dubai Metro …

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Cost of Living in Dubai

A look at the latest cost of living update in Dubai will offer a better understanding for expatriates on the kind of life that awaits them in Dubai, and as an expat, it may help you in planning your finances in a smart and effective manner, taking into consideration not …

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Tourist Information for Dubai

Dubai Tourist Information and Travel Tips Dubai, although a Muslim emirate, is one of the most liberal of all emirates in the Middle East. However, there are some definite rules that need to be followed, in order to avoid any faux-pas, so as to not offend the local populace. Further, …

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