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How to Apply Family Visa for Children in Dubai

Children Visa in Dubai

Entry (Residence) Permit for Family of Expatriate

Who can apply?


Weak professions include: Follow up clerk, Archives Clerk, Insurance Clerk, Sales, Sales Representative, and Sales Executive etc.

Non-eligible professions include: Light Vehicle Driver, Messenger, Eye Glasses Salesman, Maintenance Mechanic General etc.

Salary Requirement:
Sponsor salary shall not be less than 4,000 Dhs or 3,000 Dhs + (Accommodation)

Residence Requirement:
Sponsor must have Tenancy Contract of at least Studio Apartment.

Required Documents:

  • Prepaid e-form application. Available at Typing Centre. Fees: 360 Dhs (Typing charge extra)
  • If the sponsor is Government or Semi-government Staff, application Fees: 310 Dhs + Typing charge extra).
  • Passport copies (color) of children.
  • One photograph (white background) of each sponsored person.
  • Sponsor’s passport copy (color), Labor Card copy and Emirates ID copy.
  • Attested Marriage Certificate (Attestation from UAE Embassy in home country and Foreign Affairs in UAE).
  • Tenancy Contract (accommodation rental agreement) and Electricity Bill. Tenancy Contract should be registered through Ejari online system of Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA). If the Agreement is on Company name you should add your name in bracket or attach a letter in Arabic stating that the accommodation is provided by the company, along with copy the agreement and Ejari Certificate.
  • If you live out of Dubai, Municipality attested Tenancy Contract and Electricity bill are required.
  • Labor Contract should be attested from Immigration Department, provided that the salary shall not be less than 4000 Dhs or 3000 Dhs + accommodation. Attestation Fee: 120 Dhs. Attestation can be done at the time of submitting visa application. You can get Labor Contract true copy print from Tas’heel Center.
  • Fees: 53 Dhs.
  • No need of Salary Certificate attestation for Government, Semi-government and Free Zone staff.
  • Last three months bank statement. Online printed statement will not be accepted.

Additional Documents (Investor/Partner):

If the Sponsor is Investor / Partner the following additional documents are required:

  • 3020 Dhs Deposit for each family member. This amount is refundable after cancellation of the visa (Effective from 01/08/2014)
  • Trade License copy & partners List (second page of license)
  • LLC Agreement (share value should not be less than 70,000 Dhs)
  • Investor visa guarantee deposit receipt copy (if available)

Additional Documents (Sri Lankan & Indonesian):

Sri lanka and Indonesia
Residents should present Medical Certificate for their wife/children from their home country at the time of applying for family visa (applied for all emirates).

Immigration Clearance (India):
No need immigration clearance for wife when she comes on Residence Visa under husband’s sponsorship.

Restriction (Bangladesh):
There is restriction on Family/Employment/Visit/Tourist visa for Bangladeshi nationals.


  • Type Entry permit residence visa application from typing center and attach above mentioned documents and submit at the Humanitarian Case Counter of the Immigration head office in Jafiliya (Counter No. 22 & 23, Main Building, Main Entrance, First Left). Pay 120+220 Dhs there for initial approval sticker and File Opening.
  • If the documents are complete, they will give a token with reference number. After five working days you will receive an SMS either accepted or rejected.
  • If the application is accepted, you will have to pay 5020 Dhs as deposit for each parent and 680 Dhs to issue visa inside country for each, if the parents are inside UAE.
  • Type Status Change form for 510 Dhs (typing charge extra) and submit at any Immigration branch before the expiry date of Visit Visa/Tourist Visa. If the parent is on Tourist Visa, he/she must exit and enter on new visa. Tourist visa cannot be changed inside country.
  • Visa holder must enter UAE within 60 days from the date of issue and should complete Emirates ID, Medical and Visa Stamping within 60 days from the date of entry/status change. If the visa holder couldn’t enter UAE within 60 days from the date of visa issue, visa can be renewed against payment of 360 Dhs+Service charge. This renewal is allowed two times.
  • Medical,Emirates ID and visa stamping should be completed within 60 days from the date of entry/Status Change.
  • Parents’ visa will be stamped for one year and to be renewed every year.
  • Visa stamping Fee: 210 Dhs + Typing charge.

Visa Fee:

  1. Prepaid e-form application. Available at Typing Center. Fees: 360 Dhs (Typing charge extra)
  2. 220 Dhs should be paid at Immigration Counter as File Opening Fee (new fees implemented in August 2014). This is one time fees.

Where to Apply:

Click Here for Location

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: I am on Employment Visa. But my visa still not stamped on my passport. Can I attach entry visa to apply visa for my family?
A: No. You should have stamped visa on your passport to apply for family visa. Your labor contract also should be shown at the Immigration to prove your salary. Labor Contract will be issued only after stamping your visa.

Q: Do I need to endorse spouse’s name in my passport to apply for family visa?
A: No. Attested marriage certificate is enough.

Q: How long the family visa process takes at Immigration?
A: If the above mentioned documents are correct, visa will be issued same time.

Q: I want to apply residence visa for my wife and two children. I have got a studio flat in my name. Is it acceptable for family visa?
A: Yes, for wife and children studio flat also acceptable.

Q: I want to apply residence visa for my child. But Tenancy Contract is issued in the name of my wife. Is it acceptable for family visa?
A: Yes, it is acceptable. You should attach wife’s passport copy and Marriage Certificate.

Q: I am an Investor/partner and I heard that I have to deposit 3,020 Dhs at Immigration for each of my dependent’s residence visa. Can I refund 10,000 Dhs / 20000 Dhs which I deposited for my investor visa?
A: Yes, you can refund self visa deposit amount after you deposited 3,020 Dhs for each of your dependent’s visa. This facility is available at Immigration head office, Jafliya.  STEPS: Submit family visa application, Pay new deposit as per the officer’s instruction, Get Visa, Go to refund counter with original deposit receipt of self visa, Get seal on the receipt No Objection for Refund. Go to Dubai Commercial Bank Immigration Brach Counter, Pay 10 Dhs as service charge and collect the cash. This facility is available at Immigration head office, Jafliya.
If you have lost your deposit receipt, you should pay 70 Dhs  at Immigration counter to get new receipt in lieu of lost.



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