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How to Apply Investor / Partner Visa in Dubai

Investor Partner Visa Dubai

Who can apply?

It is issued to an expatriate investor in partnership with a local. The foreign investor must hold a minimum stake of 70,000 Dhs in the share capital. Like the residence visa, it is issued for three years for a fee of 370 Dhs .


Investor Visa for Bangladeshi Nationals: There are restrictions for Bangladeshi Nationals. Last six months personal bank account statement is required. Applicant’s previous visa profession also matters.

NOTE: Your dependents can continue their current visa and renew at the time of expiry.

Required Documents:

  • Typed Entry Permit Form
  • Passport copy
  • One Photograph (white background) for Entry Visa application
  • Copy of Memorandum of Association (for LLC)
  • Copy of Service Agent Contract (for Professional License)
  • Copy of Partnership Contract, if any (for Professional License)
  • Trade Licence Copy
  • Partners List (for LLC)
  • Immigration Establishment card copy
  • Last six month’s Bank Statement (if the company is old)
  • Typed Application
  • Passport copy, Visa Copy and Two Photographs (white background)
  • Typed Visa Stamping Application
  • One Photograph with white background
  • Emirates ID Form
  • Original Visa
  • Original Medical Certificate
  • Original Passport
  • Immigration Establishment Card, LLC Agreement, License & Partners List copy

NOTE: Entry Permit and Visa Stamping application must be signed by local partner.

Required Documents (After Entry):

  • Two Photographs for Medical Test (white background)
  • One Photograph (white background) for Visa Stamping
  • One Photograph (white background) for Labour Card/Contract


  • Quota: Type e-quota application from Tas’heel Center.
  • Documents required for e-quota: Copy of Trade License, Labour Establishment Card and Tenancy Contract (Ejari).
  • Project Agreements to be scanned for Contracting Companies.
  • Number of required workers, Gender and profession to be mentioned. 53 Dhs should be paid for Quota request application at Tas’heel Centre and 2 Dhs for Labour Envelope.
  • Pay Quota Approval Fee: Wait for payment request which will come online within 10 minutes. Dh200 to be paid for each worker (53 Dhs Service charge extra). Quota Approval will come after 24 hours.
  • Type Work Permit application: Passport copy of Employee, Photo and Certificate (For certain professions. No need attestation for Secondary Certificates) are required.53 Dhs to be paid at Tas’heel Centre. Work Permit Approval will come after two days.
  • Pay Bank Guarantee: (3000 Dhs for each) at Bank or Exchange. No commission at Al Masraf and UAQ Banks. You can pay at Aafaq Islamic finance company also. It has branch at Tas’heel Centre. If you have any excess bank guarantee with Ministry of Labour, then no need to pay bank guarantee for the new application. Bank guarantee is refundable after employee’s visa cancellation.
  • Pay Labour Card Fee as per the company category.
  • Pay Immigration Fee: 360 Dhs + typing charges for each visa and submit the papers at  Immigration office and collect the entry visa. This fees can be paid at Typing Centre also.

    Original e-signature card of the authorized signatory is must to complete employment visa process.

    E-Dirham: Payment should be made through E-Dirham Card at Thas’heel Centre. You can Buy E-Dirham Card from any branch of National Bank of Abu Dhabi or from Aafaq Islamic Finance Company found at Thas’heel branches. Take your Emirates ID & Passport copy to for E-dirham Card.


  • Type Medical and Emirates ID application and first go for Medical Test and then for Emirates ID fingerprint (if required). Medical Fee: 260 Dhs +Typing charge (Normal), Emirates ID: 270 Dhs (two years).
  • After receiving Medical Certificate type Labour Contract from Tas’heel Centre andVisa Stamping application from Typing Centre. Labour Contract Fee: 53 Dhs, Visa Stamping: 410 Dhs +Typing charge.
  • Get seal and signature of the sponsor and employee on the Labour Contract and submit through Tas’heel Centre. Submission Fee: 40 Dhs.
  • Labour Card and Labour Contract within 24 Hours: If you pay 53 Dhs extra, you can collect your Labour Card and Labour Contract from the same Tas’heel Centre within 24 hours. If not, you can print your e-Contract and e-Labour card
  • Get seal and signature of the sponsor on Visa stamping application, Attach Tas’heel receipt and submit at Immigration Department along with Original Passport. Visa stamped Passport can be received same time.

WORK PERMIT EXTENSION: Work Permit is renewable every 10 days upon payment of 500 Dhs fee each time for a maximum of six times calculated from the date of expiry of its initial or renewed term. Service available at Tas’heel Centre.

Visa Fee:

  • INVESTOR VISA APPLICATION 360 Dhs Typing charge extra
  • FILE OPENING FEE 220 Dhs Pay at Immigration
  • If the applicant is inside UAE VISA POSITION AMENDMENT 510 Dhs + Typing charge extra
  • MEDICAL 300 Dhs (Charge varies depends on hospital)
  • EMIRATES ID 370 Dhs for 3 Years
  • VISA STAMPING 760 Dhs (three years) Urgent only + Typing charges
    TOTAL 3200 Dhs + Typing charges


Security Deposit:

DEPOSIT FOR INVESTOR PARTNER: No security deposit for Investor / Partner visa effective from 01/08/2014.

DEPOSIT FOR FAMILY MEMBER: 3020 Dhs should be deposited at Immigration for each dependent’s residence visa.

Important Information:

  • How to hold family visa while canceling Sponsor’s visa?
  • NOTE: Special approval of senior officer from Immigration is required to hold family visa
  • CHANGING TO INVESTOR/PARTNER VISA: If you are changing from employment to Investor/Partner Visa, type the application, get seal and signature of sponsor, attach all required documents, submit the application at the immigration, pay 220 Dhs for file opening, and 680 Dhs to issue visa inside country.
  • Then cancel your existing labour card, go to Immigration head office, Jafliya with Labour Card cancellation receipt, your visa cancellation form and family’s original passport. Pay 5020 Dhs as refundable deposit to hold dependants visa and 120 Dhs as service charge for each dependent’s passport. Then they will cancel your existing visa
  • Type Status change form of 510 Dhs + typing charges, put seal and signature of the new company and submit at the Immigration. You will get a paper of status change.
  •  Do Medical, type Emirates ID and visa stamping application and submit at the Immigration.
  •  After stamping your visa, you can refund the deposit amount.
  • Take original deposit receipt and your passport to Refund Counter at Immigration Head Office, Jafiliya.
  • Get no objection for refund seal from the counter and go to Dubai Commercial Bank (next to Immigration building) and collect the cash. Bank will charge 10 Dhs as commission.


Where to Apply:

Click Here for Location

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: I am on Employment Visa. But my visa still not stamped on my passport. Can I attach entry visa to apply visa for my family?
A: No. You should have stamped visa on your passport to apply for family visa. Your labor contract also should be shown at the Immigration to prove your salary. Labor Contract will be issued only after stamping your visa.

Q: Do I need to endorse spouse’s name in my passport to apply for family visa?
A: No. Attested marriage certificate is enough.

Q: How long the family visa process takes at Immigration?
A: If the above mentioned documents are correct, visa will be issued same time.

Q: I want to apply residence visa for my wife and two children. I have got a studio flat in my name. Is it acceptable for family visa?
A: Yes, for wife and children studio flat also acceptable.

Q: I want to apply residence visa for my child. But Tenancy Contract is issued in the name of my wife. Is it acceptable for family visa?
A: Yes, it is acceptable. You should attach wife’s passport copy and Marriage Certificate.

Q: I am an Investor/partner and I heard that I have to deposit 3,020 Dhs at Immigration for each of my dependent’s residence visa. Can I refund 10,000 Dhs / 20000 Dhs which I deposited for my investor visa?
A: Yes, you can refund self visa deposit amount after you deposited 3,020 Dhs for each of your dependent’s visa. This facility is available at Immigration head office, Jafliya.  STEPS: Submit family visa application, Pay new deposit as per the officer’s instruction, Get Visa, Go to refund counter with original deposit receipt of self visa, Get seal on the receipt No Objection for Refund. Go to Dubai Commercial Bank Immigration Brach Counter, Pay 10 Dhs as service charge and collect the cash. This facility is available at Immigration head office, Jafliya.
If you have lost your deposit receipt, you should pay 70 Dhs  at Immigration counter to get new receipt in lieu of lost.



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