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Helicopter Tour Dubai

Overview of Helicopter Tour Dubai

Helicopter Tour Dubai was established in 2005 to cater to the growing demand for helicopter services in the region. Since then we have embarked on a fleet expansion and have established a number of dedicated heliports and helipads throughout the UAE.

At Helicopter Tour Dubai we are proud of the fact that we are the first dedicated luxury helicopter services provider in the region and our reputation has been built on years of professional service and the provision of a uniquely personalised travel option.

Our team of highly experienced pilots have extensive background experience in commercial flight operations with thousands of hours flying time. Our skill set is vast and varied and is coupled with a professional and competent attitude.


It is Located in Nassimi Beach Parking, Atlantis Hotel

Telephone Number : 0504589831

Email Address :

Helicopter Tour Dubai Services Offers

Sharing Basis 15 minutes Fun Ride
Exclusive Basis 15 Minutes Tour: AED 3,180 (880$) per flight (maximum 6 passengers)


Aerial filming of the Formula One Grand Prix

We were recently asked to do the filming for the Formula 1, an enormous honor as ours was the only aircraft allowed to film there, and so the last few weeks have seen us busy with all the preparations that go into filming such a high profile event.


Sharing Basis – 25 minutes Dubai City Tour: AED 1,250 (345$) per person ONLY
Exclusive Basis – 25 Minutes Tour: AED 5,000 (1,380$) per flight (maximum 6 passengers / 450 kg)


Exclusive Basis: Eurocopter EC 130 B4
LONG RIDE 45 Minutes Tour – AED 9,450 (2,590$) per flight (maximum 6 passengers / 450 kg)
MAXI RIDE 60 Minutes Tour – AED 12,850 (3,525$) per flight (maximum 6 passengers / 450 kg)



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